Everyone has a story to tell, and it's my job to find it and share it in a way that's both entertaining and inspirational.

I honed these skills while working for Duluth Trading's women's division, writing about the farmers, entrepreneurs and makers who were our real-women models.

I'm well-versed in getting to the heart of a story, and am an experienced interviewer who puts my subjects at ease so I can extract a strong narrative.

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Social Media

Whether it's Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter) or Pinterest, the content for each platform should be customized for a typical user's expectations. And there's an important point so many marketers forget these days: social media is – and should be – inherently social.

Storytelling may be more important on one channel (like Instagram, shown here) while posting shareable content may be the best direction for another (like Facebook). But the one thing all social channels have in common is connection. Keeping that top-of-mind is key!

Got a brick-and-mortar business? I've got a strategy for you too!

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When it comes to writing catalog spreads, short and succinct matter. You've got to inform and intrigue with very little room to make a big impact (but that's part of the fun).

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Product Descriptions

Possibly my favorite thing to write, product descriptions help buyers decide whether or not to buy. It's about making sure they've got the information needed to make the right decision for their lifestyle (with some memorable storytelling sprinkled in, of course!).

Building consumer trust starts with descriptions that live up to the product without overpromising.

Customers will always come back to brands who put them first, and it starts before the first product is even in hand.

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