About Me

I haven't always been a copywriter. My writing career began when I had to create tech packs as a product designer. From there, I was asked to design craft projects, write the accompanying instructions, then concept, write and produce YouTube videos.

Not long after, I was writing the catalog for a national sewing company and guest-blogging for a beloved PBS television personality.

I realized I had a knack for "connecting the dots" across channels, offering a seamless experience that made it easy for customers to become familiar with the brands I worked with.

This increased awareness, built consumer trust, brought down advertising costs and upped sales while we were at it. Obviously, my boss was a happy camper.

I dove head-first into learning all I could about digital marketing and content creation and I haven't looked back since (though I still dabble in product design just for funsies).

I live to learn new skills and am constantly expanding my education, keeping up to date on market trends and consumer behavior. I work hard to get a good day's work done to the highest level possible and I take pride in every task I'm given.

I fight for diversity and representation in advertising - and if you care about setting up your customer base to grow, I'm hoping you will too.

One more thing: this site is about me, but rest assured when it comes to copywriting, I focus squarely on the customer. Always.

Let's get to work!

I'm an energetic, hard-working, punctual writer who likes to get things done!

Portrait of Emily Jansson: copywriter, content strategist and SEO specialist.
Portrait of Emily Jansson: copywriter, content strategist and SEO specialist.
Barbara W.

"I’ve worked with writers of every stripe, from timid newbies to seasoned pros. And I can honestly say that Emily is one of the finest writers I’ve worked with in my entire career."

Claudia V.

"Emily is detail-oriented and highly motivated to do what is best for each product... a team leader, she works well with all levels and gives 110% to everything she touches."


Sal C.

"[Emily] managed to surpass all previous sales on Women’s email, as well as increase open rates and click-through – all while earning...the highest open rate (~33%) of any targeted email in 2020! ...grew audiences across every platform (Facebook +23.3%, Instagram +61%, and Women’s Instagram reached 10K followers!)"